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About Us

Schwartz & Associates, Inc. (SAI) was established in 1981 and is a structural/highway design engineering firm with offices in Lynchburg and Roanoke, Virginia. We are a Virginia certified SWAM firm with a staff of 25 employees in the two offices. Bridge repair design, new bridge design, highway structure safety inspection, traffic device inspection, bridge construction inspection, bridge rehabilitation inspection, roadway design and roadway construction inspection account for approximately 99 percent of the work in these offices, with the Virginia Department of Transportation being the largest client.


Schwartz & Associates, Inc. organizational structure consists of Wayne Schwartz as majority owner and Jim Grizzle as minority owner. SAI has three Associate Engineers and two Engineers-in-training. SAI has six Bridge Safety Inspection Team Leaders and five Bridge Safety Inspection Inspectors. SAI has two Road Design Technicians, two Construction Inspectors and seven administrative/clerical personnel.


Our firm has substantial structure and bridge inspection experience, as well as rehabilitation and new design experience of structures and bridges. Our personnel have performed or supervised the performance of more than 40,000 structure safety inspections and designed hundreds of plans for highway structures and bridges. This experience has been gained during the past 50 years of working with and for the Virginia Department of Transportation and approximately 40 municipalities in Virginia.


The following is a list of services our firm is uniquely qualified to provide.

New Bridge and Bridge Repair Design

Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Design

Bridge Structural Analysis

Retaining Wall Analysis and Design

Bridge Structure Inspections

Signal Pole Structure Inspection

Construction Administration

Overhead Sign Structure Inspection

Parking Garage Evaluation & Repair Design

Traffic Control/Maintenance of Traffic Plans


Schwartz & Associates, Inc., is dedicated to the principle of furnishing its clients with reliable, accurate, prompt and complete consulting services in structural engineering. We believe in paying attention to detail during all phases of our services. Our firm has developed a reputation for being thorough and professional, and it is because of this that many of our clients are repeat clients.